After 18 saves (40%) in the first round of EHF Champions League Kristian Pilipovic did it again, now against Chekhovskie medvedi  where he displayed amazing skills with 15 saves (39%). The quote of the match was “they will not pass”, the proof of this statement lies here, Pipo’s saves from clear 6 meters shots were 10/24 (41%)!
Kadetten won 32:23 and the best player on the pitch was Pipo who was elected as the MAN OF THE MATCH.

Full match Kadetten Schaffhausen vs Chekhovskie medvedi WATCH HERE

Pipo had another great night in the 6th round of EHF Champions League, now against GOG.
His performance, especially in the first half, revealed in the best possible way the great fighting spirit and skills:
– Total 14 saves (33%)
– 7m 2 saves (40%)
– 6m 5 saves (20%)

Full match Kadetten Schaffhausen vs GOG WATCH HERE